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Direct access to E-Learning?

Now available in our online store!

Direct access to our E-Learning courses? Instant and easy access through our online store. Within a couple of minutes of payment, you will receive your personal log in credentials.


We believe that online learning plays an important part in the build-up of knowledge in QRM. It’s a progressive and dynamic way of learning, which can no longer be ignored.

With the QRM E-Learning training you become thoroughly acquainted with QRM. The program consists of four courses:

  • It’s about Time,
  • Organisational Structure,
  • System Dynamics,
  • The Company Wide Approach.

How does it work?

The courses consist of several modules, similar to chapters. Each module consists of a number of recordings; in which we go through all the material step by step. Each module ends with a series of questions or exercises. By doing this we test your knowledge of the curriculum.

When a sufficient score is reached on all questions and tasks across all modules, you will receive the “QRM Basic Course” certificate.

You are laying down the foundation for a flying start in the QRM Alpha Training, or even in starting a QRM process in your own environment.

Thanks to E-Learning, you can learn in the comfort of your own home, in your working environment and even on the go by logging in on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The start

When you log in for the first time you will start in the main menu (Home). To the left of your screen you will find the menu with your purchased courses.

When you click on the selected course, all the chapters (modules) will appear to the left of the screen.

The completion progress of the course and modules

Per module there are a number of recordings in which the material is explained. You can stop the video and you have the possibility to restart the recording at any time.

Allow time after each recording to reflect on the curriculum and take note on what you deem important. Then click on the next module part to go to the next recording. You do this until you finish the module.

The interruption of the course

When you interrupt the course, shut down or log in again later, you will be able to pick up where you left off. All history will be saved. So you can interrupt the course at any time. However, we recommend that you complete a module in its entirety.


In each block you will need to answer a number questions or exercises correctly, before you can go on to the next module. At least 80% of the questions will need to be answered correctly before you can proceed.

Be aware:

In some questions you will be asked to select one or more correct answers. Please read all the questions thoroughly before making your choice.

Please contact your LeanTeam contact for any questions or inquiries.

You will now start your journey to becoming a recognised QRM- specialist: laying down the first brick of your QRM- foundation.


In the two videos below, you will get an impression of how the E-learning modules look like. The complete course has been built up with these kind of short videos, combined with questions and tests.

Let’s get started!

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