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E-Learning Course – Complete

Set of all 4 parts of the QRM course.

English spoken with Dutch subtitles
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The first part of the QRM E-Learning course is about the power of time. Time, and more specifically lead time, costs a lot more money than we all think. Especially when you unravel the lead time in ‘processing time’ and ‘waiting time’, then you will be amazed by the relationship between the two. Yet we traditionally focus on the processing time, and usually only on the processing time in ‘production’. What do we do with the waiting time though? Do we know which costs are all associated to this? In this course we will elaborate on these waiting times, or ‘white spots’, and you will become fully equipped to be able to reduce or even eliminate these white spots.

Following on from ‘It’s about Time’, we will focus on the organisational structure. Besides waiting time, the organisational structure is also responsible for the extension of your lead time. The traditional functional layout ensures that we often need to pass on an order to another department or colleague. Each handover primarily costs, besides a loss of information, a loss of time. The structure literally and figuratively needs to be made compact, in order to regain speed and effectiveness.

An organisation can also be seen as a system containing many different elements, all of which must take each other in to account and influence each other. The dynamics between these elements are described by the system dynamics. Understanding system dynamics ensures that orders start to flow through an organisation faster. This course is about system dynamics. Which procedures you can implement, in order to ensure that the processing time of the orders in your organisation can be reduced.

QRM should not only be applied in the production environment, or solely in one department of a company or organisation. QRM should be applied company wide. Not only because we are dealing with processes in every department of an organisation, where we can shorten the lead time, but also because all parts of an organisation are required to be taken in to consideration in order to reduce the MCT of the main process. First of all, we will focus on the office environment. Then the supply chain, both on the suppliers and customers. Finally, departments as development, finance, administration, and every other possible department within an organisation. This course covers the basis of the company-wide approach of QRM.


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